Thursday, 13 January 2011

shiny new old things

A recent Goodwill run with my mother scored some true gems! Huzzah for sales! Oh dear I really am terrifically spoiled with my Goodwills; I don't know what I shall do when I live someplace else where they are normal and haven't got regular manager's specials and things.

Pictures taken shortly after arriving home, in a dark house -- apologies for grainy, weird quality!


 Basically, we got home and I immediately changed into some of my new items. I'm especially delighted with the lovely goldenrod sweater: Vera Wang, for twenty-nine cents! And the cape is Montgomery Ward. Shoes also thrifted; skirt from Rue 21 some weeks ago ($3!), stockings... I don't know where my stockings come from half the time; they are just in my drawer; gloves from Ross.

Pretty buttons!

Like many a lass, I have a bit of a thing for red shoes, though ones that suit me are difficult to find. And red t-straps add a certain amount of vintage sass; huzzah!

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