Saturday, 16 April 2011

rainy saturday adventures

 I spent today -- a rainy, windy Saturday -- with my four-year-old sister reading all of the books at the library and then dashing through the downpour across the street to the library for muffins (she: wildberry; me: chocolate). So: cosy, quirky, and bookish was the order of the day!

blouse, skirt, (probably) stockings: thrifted
belt, boots: Rue 21
necklace, earrings, gloves: Claire's
hat: my marvellous friend Charis made it for me!

 I do own other shoes! I'm just madly in love with these, especially after having watched them patiently for three months till they went down to seven dollars. Plus they're green and buckley and pull on easily and add a nice bit of quirk to any outfit. (They look lovely tucked under my jeans, too.)


I managed to snag both necklace and earrings (on different occasions) for a dollar apiece -- Claire's has the best clearance racks, especially if you're super vigilant. I've got earrings that are a miniature version of the necklace (also a dollar!), but felt like wearing these great trinkety ones today.

My friend Charis makes a lot of wonderful hats, and as she is making crafts for people every month this year, she sent me this amazing hat for February (also a drawing of a tentacle lady with pull-away skirts, because she is the coolest). It's a skeleton key pattern, which is perfectly me, and I adore it.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

carry on!

 It may be difficult to tell from the pictures, but it's blessedly warm again today, after several days of damp chilly greyness; I am therefore obligated to blind everyone with colour. At least a little!


Keep Calm And Carry On t-shirt and coffin ring: Kyra, from Walmart (mine didn't get either!)
trousers: Ross Dress For Less (several months ago I finally acquired my yearly Jeans That Actually Fit! whoo!)
shoes, blazer, beret: thrifted
apple necklace: Christmas present from Anna

I've had these fetching green pumps for a long time, but have barely worn them because they were slightly damaged -- they turned up at Goodwill brand new, but with some slices and irregularities in the decorative fringe (like a machine slipped or something). Finally about a month ago I found them in my closet, chopped off the fringe and bows, cut the bows to the same size, and hot-glued them back onto the shoes. You can hardly tell they were meant to be otherwise! I call that a win. 

I am overly fond of my purple coffin ring and enjoy wearing it with otherwise non-gothy outfits. And the necklace! It's very similar to the one Amy Pond wears with her wedding dress in the Doctor Who Season Five finale, which is exactly what Anna had in mind, cos she's awesome like that.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

i'd say spring brings out the goth in me, except that everything does

I'm going to gracefully pretend the long hiatus away for the sake of my dignity -- mostly it equals "winter sucks" and "I get miserable and barely wear real clothes under my six quilts anyway". Today is warm and lovely, however! I celebrate by... wearing fur? Okay, Jo, you may be unclear on the concept here.

New favourite skirt! From Maurices, which is normally out of my price range -- even at half off several months ago this skirt was $25... but a couple of them hung around the shop so long I managed to snag it for four dollars, and was delighted. It's the perfect combination of gypsy-wear and gothery. 

My twenty-nine cent thrifted leather jacket is the funnest possible thing to wear bicycling about town; it flaps magnificently behind me and I pretend I'm in a film.


And you see, it really is spring. There were flowers and cats in the yard.

blouse: Rue21, quite long ago
skirt: Maurice's
stockings and boots: Kyra, on separate occasions
pendant: Michael's
gloves: Claire's clearance rack (a dollar!)
fur collar: Hot Topic
coat: thrifted