Sunday, 10 April 2011

i'd say spring brings out the goth in me, except that everything does

I'm going to gracefully pretend the long hiatus away for the sake of my dignity -- mostly it equals "winter sucks" and "I get miserable and barely wear real clothes under my six quilts anyway". Today is warm and lovely, however! I celebrate by... wearing fur? Okay, Jo, you may be unclear on the concept here.

New favourite skirt! From Maurices, which is normally out of my price range -- even at half off several months ago this skirt was $25... but a couple of them hung around the shop so long I managed to snag it for four dollars, and was delighted. It's the perfect combination of gypsy-wear and gothery. 

My twenty-nine cent thrifted leather jacket is the funnest possible thing to wear bicycling about town; it flaps magnificently behind me and I pretend I'm in a film.


And you see, it really is spring. There were flowers and cats in the yard.

blouse: Rue21, quite long ago
skirt: Maurice's
stockings and boots: Kyra, on separate occasions
pendant: Michael's
gloves: Claire's clearance rack (a dollar!)
fur collar: Hot Topic
coat: thrifted

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