Sunday, 3 October 2010

hello, october

Ah, month of all months! Scarves and stockings and sweaters, huzzah! On Friday I wore my favourite weird thrift-store dress to properly celebrate the onset of my favourite month, and traipsed about in the graveyard for an hour or two looking for a ghoul gate.

Perhaps a little awkwardly this meant that I was dressed like, well, a fantasy novel escapee, when I went to the local coffeehouse's Friday night open-house. Next week I will try to just dress like an indie kid; I feel as though I am alienating people sometimes. 

I do adore this dress with all of my being. It's handmade, so I have no idea where it came from or how it ended up at our Goodwill.

Saturday saw me dressed rather more approachably in my Good Housekeeping t-shirt and cosy elephant thermal. I wish I'd gotten better photographs, but I was so held up by various shenanigans that I couldn't get a photograph till the sun was setting. (All thrifted: except I think Anna sent me the stockings.)

 On Saturday I bought a seriously delightful necklace, and hence spent the entire fifteen minutes between waking and having to leave for church attempting to put together an outfit to go with it. Somehow I managed: and made my bed and applied makeup and sustained no injuries in the process. A new record! Anyway I'm incredibly thrilled with the finished product: it is perfectly autumnal. And I do love to use my Little White Dress as a pallate. (All thrifted save bow and jewellery and gloves.

THE NECKLACE. I paid full price for this, which I rarely do, but I knew it wasn't going to last till clearance, and there were only a few left. I was lost when I saw the little button-eyed owl, to be honest. But I love clustered, multi-textured necklaces a lot anyway, and this is just so fantastic I want to cuddle it. (I also have profound weaknesses for buttons and locks.)

Both gloves and ring are from Rue 21; the gloves from last winter and the ring from a clearance bin on Saturday.

And finally: new hair! I basically dyed it the same shade my more vibrant red had faded to, which is nice and pumpkiny, but now free of awkward grown-out roots! And my marvellous friend Anna sent me a package full of hair dye products she couldn't use, including the exact shade of midnight blue I have wanted to try. The effect is definitely one of my favourite hair dye results.

 Goodnight, lovely readers.


  1. And goodnight, equally lovely writer!

  2. Glad the hair dye is working out so far - and looking pretty fabulous, I must say!

  3. That necklace is beyond adorable.