Tuesday, 30 November 2010

braving the weather

Alas, dear readers, the onset of winter is a very awkward time to try to keep up a fashion blog, especially when one has a rather sub-par camera and a dark house: I can only get decent pictures in natural daylight, and of late there isn't much. I start thinking "oh, I like what I'm wearing today; I'll take a picture when I'm finished with this other thing", but when I have done that it is getting dark. The nerve of this planet! Ugh. But I persevere, as I will stubbornly show you: today it is raining, but I still ducked outside to get a photograph, for it is high time.

My mother found me a lot of these little Elvish-y blouses that lace up the front and back at Goodwill for a dollar or less -- I have four now, in ivory, burgundy, and two shades of pink (the burgundy one above is shaped a bit differently from the others, however), and they are most excellent at dressing up an outfit. 
Blouses and boots are thrifted; socks from Kyra last winter; dress from Ross Dress For Less; belt and earrings from Rue 21; gloves from Claire's (a dollar!).

Notice: I am freezing. I love rain, and in the summer I quite like being out in the rain (Dad and I always laugh at people at music festivals who huddle under tarps and plastic bags when it rains: you guys, it's summer and humid; the rain isn't going to hurt you), but it is cold and blustery and I cannot fashion under these conditions. Also I am trying red lipstick out, largely thanks to repeat watches of Moulin Rouge!

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  1. You know, if you or your mom ever run across, like, extra shirts/skirts/whatever at your awesome Goodwill that are cheap and you don't necessarily want, I'd take them. Just saying. :p

    Also, this is why I want to like rain and usually don't, because rain in Alaska is always cold. Humid summer rain...does not exist here. It's sad.

    Also I love that outfit. And I want to try mori-girl-inspired fashion myself, because you trying it earlier made me look it up and I instantly went "Ooh, I like," although my one sort-of attempt didn't work that well. But yeah.