Wednesday, 1 December 2010

snow and red lipstick on the first of december

 I love snowy days. Even in February when I am sick unto death of the cold and the snow the sight of snowflakes tumbling through the air is still a beautiful one: and the sweet snows of December are magical. Today I have been curled up with sweater and guitar and my favourite tea and some beautiful choral music, welcoming the winter.


T-shirt: Kyra, from Hot Topic / sweater: Mum picked it up for thirty cents at Goodwill, but it is originally from J. Crew / skirt: Goodwill, originally from Target / stockings: Goodwill / gloves and necklace: Claire's.


I recently purchased some red matte lipstick with which I am very pleased this far. I've never been able to find a shade of red that wasn't too pink or too orange till now. Also it stays well and doesn't come off all over my teacup.


Why yes, I am wearing a Hogwarts t-shirt. 

And with all of this loveliness, I believe that my Christmas spirit has bloomed brighter than ever.


  1. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Melanie Laurent? Especially in that fourth picture. I love the lipstick on you, btw. I've got to learn to apply lipstick and have it look that good. :D

  2. i think you look very beautiful in your little red cardigan :)