Wednesday, 23 February 2011

cheer in february

My bff sends epic packages, and I got one today, mostly full of socks, books, and geeky trinkets. And this shirt and skirt, which, as I was in my pyjamas when the package arrived, I donned immediately.

 So, not only is it A T-SHIRT WITH AN ADORABLE BESPECTACLED LADYOWL, but I kind of have spectacles exactly like those. And my passion for quirky t-shirts is as fierce as ever. Also the little button-down folds on the skirt are darling.

COFFIN RING. PURPLE COFFIN RING. Yeah, okay, it is possible to know me too well, perhaps.

Now these shoes I have been admiring for months now at the local Rue 21, but they were originally $35, which is a) more than I have ever paid for any single item of clothing in my life, b) far too much to pay for shoes that, while pretty, are hardly quality craftmanship, c) ...uh, yeah, LOTS OF MONEY. Shoes don't always stick around long enough to reach the super-clearance levels from which I typically buy things, but these finally went down to seven dollars and I snatched up the last pair and have barely taken them off in the week since. They are flat buckley boots and they are green; I've such a weakness for coloured shoes. 

The gloves are, of course, my beloved Rue 21 gloves from last winter; the hat from Claire's, the stockings from goodness knows where (I tear my black stockings too often to remember when and where I got the most recent pair), and the fetching wool blazer thrifted last summer.



  2. I really love those boots, they remind me of goth pixie boots (winkle pickers). They look grey in the photo (are they?)

  3. They are flat buckley boots and they are green;

    Oh! should have read your post all the way through! :)

  4. Hello dear,
    I am just a fond reader of blogs; a shy creature who is too afraid to start one herself.

    I never comment on anything
    I see, but after stumbling upon your lovely blog, I must say with all sincerity that you have the most wonderful fashion sense.

    You and your clothing are beautiful.

    I have never been so much in awe.

    Stay golden.