Tuesday, 28 June 2011

bigger on the inside

Yesterday morning I got a package. Or rather, my mother got a package that was for me, opened the package, re-wrapped the contents in three layers and about enough packing tape to circle the house thrice, and then gave it to me. The package said "muahahahaha" on top.

Me, groggy, un-makeup'd, and desperately in need of a shower. LOOK NOW, IT'S NOT A SIGHT YOU'RE GONNA GET ALL THAT OFTEN AROUND HERE.

I have a friend named Bethany who enjoys being evil around my birthday.

Anyway, what was in this cruelly wrapped package was something I have desperately wanted since before it was purchaseable: Threadless' new TARDamask t-shirt. If you haven't noted that I am the massivest of massive geeks, you haven't been reading very carefully, but if you missed it, well: here's your warning! Anyway, I fell headlong in love with design when it was still in the voting stage and really hoped it would get to be a t-shirt, and then it did! and it was much too expensive for me to splurge on. CUE SNEAKY EVIL AWESOME FRIENDS. It is the best t-shirt ever, on account of being elegant and extremely geeky, and therefore all of my favourite things in one place: Doctor Who and Victoriana and a fetching shade of blue.

My four-year-old sister, upon examining the shirt, exclaimed, "That's Doctor Who's house!" WE HAVE TRAINED HER WELL.

shirt: Threadless, from Bethany
skirt: Bon Ton
shoes and stockings: Rue 21 (whoo $1 clearance stockings! also YES I WEAR OTHER SHOES SOMETIMES)
bow necklace, the closest thing I have to a bowtie: Claire's
almost Amy Pond's wedding necklace: Christmas present from Anna
pearl droplets: WHO KNOWS; there was a pair in one of the sets of earrings Anna sent me but these are not them! my mother probably found them at Goodwill. Pearls are my birthstone; I like them.


  1. I'm going to have to steal that baby sister of yours.

  2. I love your shirt...I love your shirt.
    I'll say it again, just for good measure. I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!