Friday, 24 June 2011

summer simplicity

Hot, stormy summer days are upon us, and here am I in unheard-of garb: shorts. I haven't owned a pair of shorts since I was eleven, most likely, having spent an overly long time self-conscious about my legs, and then, once I'd stopped being silly about that, having no end of trouble locating shorts that I did not actively hate. I am still seeking a high-waisted pair with rows of lovely bright buttons, but ah well. These slip on comfortably, lace up (and zip, for practicality's sake: the laces are just decoration), are a nice dark colour, do not look like denim underwear, and do not have any ridiculous holes or spots of bleach on them. I approve! So, on a hot, lazy day, I pulled them on along with a favourite loose cotton blouse and, for once, didn't bother a bit about shoes. (I thought of finding a suitable pair for photography purposes, but that would be cheating: and anyway, you'd miss the pretty toe ring my friend Sarah got me for my birthday!)

Attempting to prettify my feet with nail polish and jewellery: I hate them slightly less! I'm not insecure about my specific feet -- I'm an equal opportunity foot-hater! Feet are weird and sort of creepy! But this helps. (Oops, apparently I made a worse bungle of my nail-painting than previously suspected. IGNORE THAT.)


Amy Pond necklace!

My dear little typewriter necklace has become something of a writing charm, or a "go write stuff already, Jo!"  reminder: hence the reluctant face I'm pulling. Write all the words?!

blouse: Dress Barn, thrifted
shorts: Rue 21
jewellery: gifts from Anna and Sarah


  1. Do not look like denim underwear. Denim underwear is the exact way I describe them (not what you're wearing, which are quite nice, the ones everyone else wears). I do not think it looks comfortable to wear denim underwear. Not at all.

  2. This looks very cute and summery and comfortable - I approve!