Tuesday, 14 June 2011

an english country gentleman

 It's uncharacteristically chilly today, so I'm taking advantage of the weather with layers and trousers to suit the brogues I cannot stop wearing. (I went back and bought a black pair, too, which I am sure to wear all the time.) And I've been unable to stop wearing my flat cap lately, under no circumstances related to my recent habit of watching too many things with Michael Fassbender in them. (He does wear one so charmingly. WE WON'T DISCUSS THIS; IT WILL ONLY LEAD TO ME COMMITTING ACTS OF SEVERE INDIGNITY.) Anyway my dad wore flat caps a lot when I was growing up so I've always had an immense amount of nostalgic fondness for them.

This blouse is pretty great. It always makes me feel I ought to be heading to a 1920s garden party populated by sprawling bright young things.

blouse: thrifted
trousers: Ross Dress For Less
waistcoat: Maurice's
shoes: Rue 21
hat: Claire's (I actually paid full price for it as it was so marvellous and there was only one left)
jewellery: Claire's

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