Friday, 23 July 2010

a hobbit dress

I wore this dress several weeks ago (and then several times afterwards; definitely one of my favourite dress finds this year) -- I feel like Rosie Cotton in it. Absolutely want to bring this one to the next folk music festival I attend. It's light and comfortable and just flowy enough.

dress // Goodwill, probably about $5
lace blouse // Goodwill, ages ago -- $3?
belt // Rue 21, $4
earrings // Rue 21, $3
necklace // gift from best friend
bow // Claire's clearance rack, probably $1
boots // Plato's Closet in Anchorage, AK, $12

I probably won't price everything in every entry -- for one thing my memory for insignificant details is sieve-like (unless, of course, it is a detail I have no desire to remember and no use for whatsoever!), and for another it might get a bit awkward if I ever get a real proper job with, like, real money. But here it stands as proof that when I say budget fashion, by Jove I mean it! ^-^

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