Tuesday, 27 July 2010

i do actually own trousers: see?

Today I ran off on a borrowed bicycle (my tire's flat and I can't find my kit) to see Inception, which was pretty splendid (I love you Christopher Nolan and your psychotic brain and your editing and scene cuts my lord), but awkward to dress for, because... I am used to going to films in costume. I KNOW. IT IS A THING I DO OKAY. And the amusing bit is that I never have to buy anything special; I've dressed for Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland and Half-Blood Prince and two Lord of the Rings marathons recently all out of my closet. Um. Anyway when it's a contemporary psychological thriller there really aren't any costumes, so that was sad. In retrospect I could have dressed like Joseph Gordon-Levitt if I could have located my tie but really where am I going to find shoes as gorgeous as his on such short notice?

Anyway, I just dressed normally, in a polished sort of way. Which for me is sort of like this.

blouse // Goodwill
bodice // Value Village in Alaska, from Kyra
jeans // Ross Dress For Less
boots // Goodwill (a recent purchase; I wore them for four days straight ^-^)
necklace // Goodwill
earrings // Kyraaa <3



    *dead from the awesome*

  2. Nnnnnn. I love everything about this outfit, and and am both in total boot lust (which I am in general with your boots) and bodice lust. Very, very much bodice lust. Oh, and necklace lust too.