Wednesday, 28 July 2010

saucy sailor

(Yes, of course that's a Steeleye Span reference.)

Yesterday I finally attained a long-held clothing dream: double-buttoned* wide-legged sailor trousers! And for three dollars, too; not bad at all. Rue 21 has really excellent clearance racks, especially if you go every couple of weeks to canvas the shop and to keep an eye on certain items you want to buy when they get cheaper -- because they can get pretty cheap. It's also really nice if you're me-shaped, because I run from medium to extra large (depending on the style and item), and the larges and extra-larges tend to be what gets left for the clearance racks more often than not. Thank you, copious bosoms; you are good for something I suppose. 

* Can you call it double-breasted when it isn't breasted? 

I also snagged this owl ring, which isn't my ideal -- it's rather big for my tastes, but happily it's also quietly silver and not too ostentatious despite its size. I'd like to get up a decent collection of quirky rings, but they are difficult to find (in a small town with limited shopping opportunities) and the good ones always seem to get bought up before the clearances, leaving me with ugly large-cut plastic jewels, very boring flowers, or rings made entirely out of plastic in a vulgar colour. But: owl! Owls have been my bird since I was a tiny be-spectacled lassie poring over books about birds of prey. 

shirt // Goodwill
vest, trousers, and ring // Rue 21
shoes // Goodwill
necklace // Kyra (Forever 21?)

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go watch Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss' Sherlock again.. ^-^


  1. You call sailor trousers like that drop fronts.

  2. Heh heh, oh dear, that's a bit of a saucy-sounding name in itself! :D