Monday, 20 September 2010

almost autumn

I said I wasn't going to take outfit pictures today. I lied. >.> I even wore a t-shirt and jeans, but ended up liking the effect too much. Curses! In my defense, the shirt is really, really lovely -- Mum found it on one of her sell-stuff-on-eBay Goodwill runs last year and knew I would love it.

I was feeling rubbish this morning and just sort of lurched towards my jeans and started digging in my drawer for the softest t-shirt I could find and ended up unearthing this one, which it pains me to realise I'd forgotten. My mother is awesome and knows what I like. 

That's right, it is covered in apples! I should really iron down the appliqu├ęs at some point; I use the iron so rarely (I KNOW SHUT UP) that I sometimes forget it exists and can help me. I love quirky t-shirts -- they're simple, but add a lot to my usual black jeans (Ross Dress For Less).

The beautiful little shawl I am wearing was knitted for me by my extraordinary friend Anna.

I am inordinately fond of my orange button earrings.

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