Sunday, 5 September 2010

september feels like september at last

 These last two days have been chill, grey, and windy -- my favourite weather! Taking scaldingly refreshing showers and snuggling under the covers at night and downing copious amounts of glorious Earl Grey: perfect. Also, it is time to break out the cardigans. BEWARE. I am a bit mad when it comes to cardigans.

We had a small barbecue at church, and I still smell of woodsmoke.

I acquired this lovely vintage cardigan -- possibly with real fur, and the pearl-esque buttons are very nice -- at Goodwill some months ago, and it has been languishing in my closet ever since, waiting for cooler weather. It is very 1950s and dear.

Another favourite shirt, largely due to the odd neckline.

And here is my winter coat, at long last. When you buy most of your clothes at thrift shops it is sometimes required to be far too patient. I have Made Do the last several years with long coats -- which are splendid, but not always practical for every day, or bicycling, or those times when you are awkwardly aware that you look more formal than everyone else all the time -- or unsatisfactory short coats, and while I have a couple of beautiful dress coats (including my Russian fairy princess coat which I shall show off later) laid by, I haven't had anything easy and casual that I liked in years. This is only a very basic classic pea coat, but it is all wool and perfect. Also I bought it for, I think, five dollars.

I could probably mention every day how much I love my gloves.

cardigan, blouse, skirt, coat, scarf // thrifted
bow, key necklace // Claire's
tights // Anna
boots // Kyra
owl earrings (<3!) // my mother (she knows me too well)
fingerless gloves, rings // Rue 21

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