Friday, 3 September 2010

it's the sound of wild electricity

Technically, it is September at last. The weather does not think so: it persists in being, not hot, not sunny, but heavy and humid. A thunderstorm has been brewing, but it has yet to open the sky over my town, though Sarah in Pittsburgh reports Epic Rain. 

I am trying my best to dress Septemberishly without succumbing to heatstroke and/or drowning in my own sweat. Ergo today's outfit.

The ring is one I had my eye on for a very long time, and lo! it turned up in a clearance bin; I am so pleased. (I have a severe weakness for skeleton keys, as one may well guess.) 

dress, blouse // thrifted
cameo necklace // Blue Moon Beads pendant on re-appropriated chain
shoes // Kyra
ring, headband // Rue 21
earrings // Claire's

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