Sunday, 19 September 2010

what i wore this week, part two

-- You know, I was so backed up that I wasn't even going to photograph today's outfit, but then I liked it too much. We'll get to that in a minute! 

All of this is thrifted. \o/

Thursday! Tromping about in the rain on errands with Mum and sisters. It was a bit chilly, so I finally got to wear my favourite dress from last winter, which I fell in love with for the crimson colour, the lovely buttons, and the long sleeves. So cosy! And the fact that it's a bit too short just gives me ample opportunity to dress it up with various skirts and things underneath. 

The cape I am wearing for the first time -- another summer purchase tucked away (Mum found it for me!). I love capes -- I have several, and tend to wear them around the house half the winter -- because otherwise I run around swaddled in a quilt, and that not only looks awful, but it's very awkward as I can't use my hands. 

Somehow I did not get a picture of what I wore to the coffee shop on Friday, which is appalling as it is one of my favourite ensembles in recent times -- very witchy and autumnal, but more in a Shirley Jackson sense than a strictly goth one. Never fear, I shall wear it again before long. And now we come to yesterday! 

Goodwill had a sixty percent off sale on Saturday -- yeah, I know. Anyway I FOUND TROUSERS. This is always a source of great joy and astonishment, because there are times when a girl needs to have trousers, and I so rarely find any that fit me and that I like. (None of my jeans are secondhand. I probably pay more for jeans than anything else that isn't really special and exciting, because it's so hard to find anything that works.) Anyway, they have buttons and things! I am in love! And if only I were Paul Revere for Halloween this year instead of the year I was ten! Uh, I mean.

The one element of the outfit that wasn't thrifted. Claire's had an Alice in Wonderland collection to coincide with the Tim Burton film, and this necklace, oh heavens. It is a TEAPOT and a little TEACUP AND SAUCER; what could be lovelier? I have had my eye on it for eight months waiting for it to go on clearance, and it finally did this week. 

Trousers! Also favourite flats, though I keep having to hot-glue the medallion back onto the left one.

I love when I hastily combine a bunch of things I've never worn together on a Sunday morning, when I am in a sleepy haze trying to get to church without injuring myself, and end up loving the result. (Mostly because thisis rare. For one thing, I do not often experiment on Sunday mornings.) All of this but the turtleneck and necklace have been in my closet for a while -- I think I got the stockings for forty-nine cents on heavy clearance at Ross. It's all very cosy and cheerful and I didn't even stab myself in the eye with my mascara.

The necklace was half-off at Rue 21: and yeah, I love it.

And with that, I end my week. (On a Sunday -- in my end is my beginning?), and seeing that my back is now quite stiff from all of this typing I will refuse to let myself wear anything new and exciting tomorrow! Uh, maybe.


  1. Loving Sunday's skirt, a lot.

  2. My goodness, where do you find such wonderful clothes? (Especially the MEDALLION-FLATS, good God.)

  3. May I just point out that you are stunningly pretty? And that you have the best fashion sense ever?