Wednesday, 4 August 2010

at least i like my clothes

Today was Not A Good Day, so I am rather glad that I dressed well this morning to fortify myself for unpleasantness to come. One nice thing, however, is that I had my first go at tea-dyeing today: Kyra sent me some gorgeous white lace gloves for my birthday in June, but I prefer off-white to white, and they were clashing with my favourite little white dress, so I steeped them for a while and now they are perfect. 

The dress is something you are sure to see more of here: it is incredibly versatile and I love it so. A little white dress is even more useful and necessary than the traditional little black one, I think. 

As it is raining something glorious (thank you, lovely storm), I was forced to take my pictures inside; do forgive the excess blur.

dress // Goodwill, several years ago
beaded shrug // thrifted yesterday; originally from Rue 21
stockings // Ross Dress For Less
boots /// Goodwill
beaded necklace // Goodwill
cameo necklace // pendant from Michael's (Blue Moon Beads, I believe); chain borrowed from another necklace
earrings // Kyra


  1. Jo, I love love love this look. Summery, and a bit vintage, and with an edge. Very pretty.

  2. I LOVE your boots. Everyone always says you can find fantastic things at thrift shops but the ones near where I live aren't very good, I think.

  3. Anon, my local Goodwills are in fact especially wonderful; there's a whole chain of them under the same management and they have deals with department stores and such so they get a lot of brand new overstock or slightly defective items. And it does take some patience to shop -- for several years in my early teenhood I never found ANYTHING that fit or that I liked (which meant I had barely any clothes... now look at me!). The thrift stores in Massachusetts, where I lived before, were pretty dismal, but now I wonder how many treasures I might have found if I learned how to really look. It does take rather frequent trips, however; you just have to learn what you like and not to spend money on things you aren't sure of so you can save for the beautiful things that will turn up unexpectedly later!

  4. That sounds fabulous. There is a store called Yesterday's Rose (I think that's a really pretty name for a thrift store) near my home, on the way to the library (which means I pass it about once a week), you've made me want to go check it out.
    (Also, Anon reveals her identity!)