Thursday, 5 August 2010

i try to be casual

Tomorrow I am running away to the Dublin Irish Festival in Ohio (there's a Dublin there, okay), where I shall see several of my favourite bands and waltz about in pretty dresses and hide from the sun under my parasol (yes I have one and yes I bought it for this express purpose!) and try very hard not to bring any high-heeled boots. (I've done this before. I always regret it, and always end up packing another pair. When will I learn?) Today, then, was a day for rushing about and errands and planning (some of said planning rather terrifying), and I was anticipating having to bicycle, hence the TROUSERS, but Dad was going to the same places, so I didn't after all. Anyway. 

You can also see, sort of, that I've put a great black streak in my hair, to satisfy my immense need to have punk hair at folk music festivals. I'd have taken clearer pictures, but the sun was setting, alack. 

trousers, shirts, and shoes // thrifted (all recently but the yellow blouse)
owl earrings // Rue 21 (on clearance for a dollar!)
ampersand necklace and hair bow // Kyra

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