Tuesday, 17 August 2010

you put me in the magic position, darling

Have been a bit busy, making merry and giving summer its last proper hurrah, before my dear friend Sarah goes off to college and the weather turns wicked (and wonderful: autumn is my favourite). We had an evening picnic, star-watched and cloud-watched, shared good conversation and utter silliness, and spent Monday at Kennywood, being giddily childish in the way only an amusement park can make one.

The last time I went to an amusement park, I did in fact wear a skirt, but I actually found a pair of walking shorts at the bottom of my closet, which I believe my mother thrifted for me during a chillier season and I had since forgotten. I am still hoping to find a pair of proper shorts, ones which a) fit, b) actually cover enough of my body, and c) are quirky enough to suit me -- a simple pair of denim cut-offs isn't going to appeal to me any more than ordinary blue jeans. (I really want something high-waisted with buttons, but thus far NO LUCK.) 

I am, however, extremely pleased with my Alice in Wonderland t-shirt.

shirt // Claire's (on clearance for $5: patience wins out!)
trousers, shoes, suspenders // thrifted
cameo ring // Rue 21
necklace // thrifted from Value Village in Anchorage
bag // thrifted ages ago; a stand-in until I get a proper one with pockets and things.

I did actually order The New Satchel from Forever21, and it arrived this morning, but alas! -- the zipper is defective, so I must send it back to be exchanged. Sob. Sob. I want pockets!

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