Wednesday, 18 August 2010

dreaming of september

It always seems to come halfway through August: the autumn-longing. Autumn is My Time: we belong to each other. My blood gets a sort of quickening, and I begin wearing sweaters before it is even very cold. 

I think it must be because of certain aspects of summer ending -- people going off to school, mainly, and the occasional almost-cold breeze -- that my anticipation of autumn has been very strong to-day. Also I have been reading a lot of magicky fantasy novels (well, I am always doing that). So I am as witchy and autumny in dress as the weather will permit. Also I went roller-skating with my sister and a lot of her friends (earbuds firmly in ears to a) fend off the GIGGLING PRETEENS HELP and b) to fend off the horrible pop music they always play with Benny Goodman and Florence + the Machine and Amanda Palmer and Patrick Wolf and things), which is why I wore stockings at all. 

This is a slight variation on an old favourite outfit -- I have had the dress and blouse for ages, though before I got my Very Useful Belts I had a sort of underbust waistcoat I would wear with it, as the dress bunches a little in the waist and needs to be cinched. 

dress, blouse, boots // thrifted
stockings // Walmart (where I generally buy my basic black, cream, and grey stockings; these are a bit holey, which is why I took them skating)
belt // Rue21
bow, ring // Claire's (a dollar, huzzah!)

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  1. You have the most haunting green eyes.

    Also, I want that cameo skull ring like nothing else.