Sunday, 29 August 2010

three for the price of one

Lounging on the bed this very afternoon.

Being sick, oddly enough, causes me to shamble about in absolutely nothing photo-worthy. It also makes me want to kill people to alleviate the boredom. But anyway. I am all better now, and here is something of a spam to make up for the long stretch of no posting.

An old favourite skirt (especially for the advent of autumn; I have happy memories of traipsing all over the place clad in it and granny boots the last few years), pretty new shoes: soft and simple. Later I wrapped my pashmina scarf over my head and pulled on a grey wool puffed-sleeve blazer when I had to run errands in the rain, but alas! no pictures.

I was starting to feel rather icky by the time I took this, so ignore, uh, my face? I wore my wool blazer again and somehow managed to still miss getting photographic evidence of it -- I bought it at the Goodwill warehouse sale and have been waiting half the summer to be able to wear it. The blouse is an old favourite (thrifted, of course) that fell behind the drawer and got lost for months, only recently surfacing.

I really, really love these gloves (from Rue21 last year), and have been missing them all summer. I also really enjoy wearing my skull-and-crossbones ring with otherwise sophisticated or very feminine outfits.

The new shoes! Walmart clearance rack. I know, they are not very good quality, but they are quite comfortable (and were VERY CHEAP), and the combination of purple and the little gold buttons holding down wee flags of material made for an item irresistible to a bargain-sniffing me.

The other thing I did pretty much the day before I got really sick was dye my hair. Though I used the same shade I've been using, it turned out a great deal vivider than I had intended; fortunately I quite like it. (Though I would love to find a shade similar but more candy apple than tomato.) 

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  1. That picture of you in your glasses came off weirdly...sultry.

    (Not to be creepy, but I think you should wear them more often. ^w^)